Charleston, South Carolina

Morning Star Chapter


Our T.O.R.C.H. chapter is named in honor of our Blessed Mother. 

The chapter was started in 1998.




We align our mission and goals with    

  T.O.R.C.H. National

Please see the T.O.R.C.H. National web page for a listing of their goals

We have found our club very helpful by providing a support network for homeschoolers in the area.         





On-going Activities:  

First Friday Mass followed by the Armata Bianca rosary led by the children

Momís meetings (both business and social by nature)

Holy Day of Obligation Mass followed by get-togethers

We do not currently have a co-op.




Annual Activities:

We try to participate in the following activities on an annual basis, if schedules permit.

Curricula party (Momís discuss which curricula they use)

Christmas caroling at a retirement home (December)

Dadís science exploration meetings

Field day (spring)

Graduation ceremony/party (spring)

Various field trips (please see link for pictures of recent field trips)

Click here to see pictures! 



Currently there are no dues.  We ask the members to collect box tops for education.



More Information:

We welcome new members.  If you have more information, please contact Joe and Michelle Shahid